Outworlder is the maiden project of Igloosoft Games, a newly founded indie game company consisting of experienced developers primarily residing in the Eastern US. It will be released on Windows, Mac and Linux, and the creative pre-alpha is available here free of charge.

The main themes of the game are uniquely fluid, gun-focused combat mechanics and a strong emphasis on colony and community building in a hard sci-fi universe.

Main features:

  • Build a thriving colony
  • Conquer outer space and defend your base(s) with a variety of weapons 
  • Explore comprehensively designed ecosystems with realistic terrain generation
  • Get creative with the NPC-based crafting system and lead your community
  • Experiment with building materials and Z-plane crafting for doors
  • Mod & customise the game to suit your needs

Outworlder is an open-ended sandbox adventure. You begin as the lone survivor of a shipwreck mastering the local elements to eventually become the leader and protector of a vast space-faring colony.

You explore a hostile and hazardous alien environment while learning to farm crops, tame wildlife, and keep livestock as you find the survivors needed to venture into the stars.

Outworlder prides itself on minimal narrative – instead, it provides a sprawling setting to explore and piece together at your leisure. Choose a flag for your colony, and conquer your own corner of the cosmos.

Tailor the game to your own needs

At Igloosoft, we understand that certain parts of games aren’t for everyone.  That’s why Outworlder is a customisable experience that can be tailored to your favorite playstyle. 

Want to just build things and avoid combat? Turn it off! Want more of a challenge? Increase the rate and strength of attackers. Want to just shoot things? Try the many spinoff multiplayer modes we have planned such as Capture the Flag, Deathmatch and Survival Challenge. 
Note: Outworlder is designed to be accessible to modders, so players can further customise and personalise their experience beyond in-game methods.

Building opportunities

Choose from a sizeable array of mechanics, tiles and interactions to build exactly what you need to survive and thrive.

Building possibilities and opportunities in Outworlder are vast, and include several features never-before-seen in games. We’re particularly proud of the addition of craftable Z-doors – which let you place and build RPG-style buildings and rooms.

The Colony

Your main objective in Outworlder is to build and maintain a colony that can survive against the harsh, unforgiving forces of deep space. You will cross many obstacles on your journey, not least frequent raids from pirates and raiders, as well as encounters with the otherworldly unknown. 

To support a community – evolve and design facilities and infrastructure – you will need to construct power grids and secure a food supply. Your success will no doubt attract attention from others, and you’ll need to defend your fledgeling colony from unpredictable attacks.

One for All, All for One

Unlike other games of the genre, You need to rely on other survivors to build all but the most rudimentary of items and objects. Expand your base by attracting survivors – some will come naturally, some will need rescuing, and some can even be captured or converted to join.

Every NPC survivor arrives with their own pool of items they can construct, and like in real life, you will eventually need to have a functioning network of colonists to build advanced items.

All kinds of survivors can be rescued or discovered, including gunsmiths, doctors, cooks, radio operators, administrators and engineers. There’ll also be slightly less useful ones like used car salesmen and video game reviewers that you’ll have to find a use for in your bases.

The colonists will rely on your expertise and courage to survive, each with their own requirements and needs. Best of all, multiplayer takes this even further!

Thoughtful World Generation

In Outworlder, we understand that making a world feel truly alien takes a lot more than making it multi-colored and throwing some stitched together monsters in. 

This is why we’ve gone to great lengths to develop a dynamic world generation system that seeds vivid worlds with distinguishable land features, thoughtful color palettes, compelling cave systems and uniquely designed wildlife and ecosystems. 

The majority of creatures, plants and wildlife are individually designed with carefully defined behaviors to provide a more engaging experience. Creatures interact with each other, react differently to players, and exist within their own ecosystem which can be mastered by the player. 

Certain worlds require you to change your strategy – for example, desert planets and radioactive wastelands require special gear in order to survive, but the rewards for the risk are great. It’s a living, breathing world to explore.

The majority of creatures, plants and wildlife are individually designed with carefully defined behaviors to provide a deeper game experience. Creatures interact with each other, react differently to the players, and exist within their own ecosystem which can be exploited by the player. It’s truly a living, breathing world to explore.

Venture towards the stars

In the full game, players will be able to commandeer ships and bring their colonies to other worlds. Space is a big place and there’s more than just planets out there. Players will be able to visit space stations, moons and explore the wrecks of long-abandoned starships. To facilitate this, there will be a wide range of ships of varied layouts and classes available to buy and sell, complete with their own facilities such as orbital weapons, hangars and medical bays.

Players will also have a selection of shuttles to link their ships to their planets. Shuttles will transport goods and mechs to help you build and explore.

Open development plan

Transparency and maintaining good relations with our community is one of our core tenets at Igloosoft Games, which is why we are developing the game using a modular approach in order to simplify development.

This makes it possible to release playable milestones for those who pre-order the game and want to see its progress. We feel this is the best compromise between transparency and giving buyers something to play early if they desire.

We have released creative mode and launched our pre-orders here. Pre-ordering grants access to the pre-alpha version of the game and all of its updates. 

The pre-alpha will evolve into the full game described, first taking place on a single world in order for us to focus on the primary gameplay mechanics, before expanding to other world types and allowing interstellar travel as the game develops.