Q: What is Outworlder?

A: Outworlder is the first project from Igloosoft Games, a 2D adventure sandbox set in space. It is heavily influenced by hard science fiction such as Aliens, Starship Troopers, Dune and Battlestar Galactica. Read our about page for full details!

Q: When can I play?

A: We have an alpha-playtest available on Steam. Come play with us!

Q: What do I get for pre-ordering the game?

A: Early access to the ongoing alpha version of the game, and a full copy of the game when it releases.

Q: How will pre-ordering help development?

A: Currently we’re all working part time on Outworlder. Funds generated from pre-ordering will allow us to work full-time longer, or indefinitely, and get the game into your hands sooner.

Q: Is Outworlder a sequel or related to [insert popular title here]

A: No.

Q: Will it be multiplayer?

A: Yes. However it’s important to us that we design the game to be fun in single player first.

Q: What platforms will it be released on?

A: PC, Mac and Linux. A Switch version is planned post-PC release.

Q: Why is there a free demo?

A: We believe in only accepting money if we have a product to show for it. The free demo is show that we’re working in good faith and as an example of what the game will represent.

Q: Will I be able to host a Survival Mode server with my pre-order copy?

A: Yes. Pre-ordering the game will give you access to all features of the full game and its continued updates.

Q: What is Outworlder coded in?

A: Outworlder is coded in Unity using C#.

Q: Will Outworlder be moddable?

A: Yes. Making the game modder-friendly has been a priority since day one.