Birthday Contest Results


Congratulations to our participants in our 3rd community building contest! This contest and its prizes were put forth by one of our moderators, Darkbyte.

Entrants were tasked with building a birthday party! It’s unorthodox but I was excited about all the ways this problem could be handled.

Community Manager Choice: While it scored 4.7 points, Stormer’s entry is particularly entertaining. A party of entirely Buddys would be a true nightmare for some.

4th Place: Kubeon with 5.91 points points

The simplicity of this design won praise with some voters, but may have hurt the score with others. Overall it’s a well crafted small camping scene, without too much crowding the scene.

3rd Place: TheRealNate with 6.29

Nate received a lot of praise for his burger-based party. The hanging glow-shrooms could either be decorative alien plants, or streamers. That flexibility in interpretation likely helped him score better.

Other 3rd place? Aidamon with 6.29 points

Aidamon made this relaxing beachside scene using our rarely used water element. The scene is reminiscent of a camping adventure which is a relatable situation.

2nd Place: Snipershot with 6.90 points

Sniper made this more traditional looking space with a small party inside. A wooden dome could arguably be a woodgloo so it has our support! It’s nice to see someone recreate a traditional home environment while on a space colony.

1st Place: Gruk with 7.05 points!

People were impressed with the military aesthetic while clearly having a birthday. Gruk also made a great tower design, and the use of an open door to represent a background door is a great idea. Overall it’s a very nice diorama that clearly understands how to create perspective in a build even with a 2D game.

Gruk will get a custom role on our Discord server, as well as a full copy of Outworlder sponsored by one of our moderators once Outworlder releases!

Thank you to everyone who voted and entered. Come join our Discord to participate in future contests:

And happy birthday!