December Update

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since we updated with a post – we’re not dead, I promise, we’ve just been focusing on developing the game so we can meet our deadline for this year.

Here’s a summary of what’s going on!

Release date

We’re still aiming for the end of this year (2019). We’ll be launching Creative Mode as a free demo, and the preorder shortly after. Creative mode will serve as a showcase of our work so far, and will feature multiplayer and dedicated server modes, as well as a standalone single player.

It should be stressed that Creative Mode is strictly a demo – there aren’t any NPCs or even combat. It’s strictly a sandbox with worldgen for you to build and explore in.

Immediately following the demo, we’ll be showing regular progress and updates for Survival Mode, which serves as the full game.

What we’ve been working on

We’ve got a lot done! Of note that I can talk about:

  • Multiplayer – multiplayer is fully functional and has supported up to 30 players reliably during stress tests
  • Advanced movement – players can slide, ledge grab and vault
  • Lighting – full, colored directional lighting
  • Inverse kinematics – limbs move dynamically in engine. This means animation is a matter of drawing a single asset instead of multiple frames, saving unfathomable amounts of time.
  • Outfits – we’ve started adding a whole range of cool and interesting clothing to customise with
  • Skin and hair – skin colors and hairstyles are in
  • Walking/sneaking – Inverse kinematics enabled us to add a whole new walking animation for a fraction of the work it usually takes
  • Increase block size – Block data size increased from 32 bits to 64 bits. This enables us to add more behaviors to blocks.
  • Title screen – Title screen with intro added
  • Login and accounts – Rudimentary login/auth system
  • Chests – Chests spawn and contain loot

The preorder

The preorder will be launching shortly after we release Creative Mode. This will allow us to work on the game full time and bring Survival Mode to you sooner.

We’re currently figuring out the logistics and backer rewards.

Our current ideas are these.
“Buy the devs coffee and get a ‘Thank you’ credit”
“Early Beta Access”
“Early Alpha Access”
“Name an NPC that will be randomly genned.”
“Design an atmospheric shuttle.”
“Design a spaceship”

We’d really like to hear your feedback on how to best make these work, or if you have any other ideas about rewards you’d be willing to spend money on.