Dev update 1-11-20

Welcome to the development update for January 11, 2020. As we approach our public launch, the team has been working hard to ramp up updates and features. We have a beefy update to put out this week.

Here are our major updates for the last 2 weeks.

Sound Design

We’ve been doing a lot of work with deciding sounds and music. We have some menu music and light ambient noises for certain environments. There have also been some sound fixes, such as having multiple torches no longer stacking their sound or producing a low-level static.


An unbreakable world-bottom has been implemented so that people don’t crash trying to dig too deep and too greedily. In the future other hazards will justify why being that deep is dangerous, but this will serve as a hard limit for the most adventurous of players.

World Generation

The way planets are generated is being seriously revamped. Water will now populate the world, scaling from minor bodies to actual oceans, along with appropriately placed sand and dirt. In the future even more complex features and specific biomes will add onto an initial generated planet. 

Non-player Characters

NPCs and creatures are starting to get simple AI features, some of which are specific to them but can be applied to other entities in the future. There’s some basic line of sight by NPCs with hopes for future complexity.   

Notably, we have chickens that fly and run around, although by domesticated chicken standards flying mostly involves short hopping and lots of flapping.

There’s also a boar now that won’t take too kindly to you getting on its territory.


Have you heard the good word? We’re going to have mechs with customizable bits and fun uses. They’ll be designed as heavily industrial in appearance, and be mostly small legged walkers. Think of them as intended for practical applications, but repurposed into combat scenarios.  


We got them; you can read them, or even write in them if you’re feeling adventurous.

Extra Changes

-Better main menu UI buttons.

-Extra building materials implemented.

-Early ship designs are being debated.

-Minor chat changes to reduce clutter.

-In game custom font is working better and won’t overlap weirdly.


If you’d like to discuss this update, consider either our Reddit or our Discord options