Dev Update 1-16-21

Welcome colonists, to your dev update for January 16th, 2021.

Block Destruction

Fortifications aren’t invulnerable, try shooting them enough to break through! Not the final form or health for the blocks, just an early version.


Do you like guns? Do you want more guns? Well someone has to come up with them, or at least figure out how someone else’s weapon was made. We’re hoping to have both colony driven research dependent on how motivated your colonists are, and reverse engineering of toys you find elsewhere. You can also produce non-weaponry like new colony advances, if making your colonists happy is your thing.

We haven’t delved into this far, but the conceptual framework will influence our future designs.

Downed Characters

Small update, NPCs can attempt to heal other NPCs.

Extra Changes

-Sleeping NPCs will wake up to fulfill other needs.

-Stamina regens on unconscious NPCs.

-Hauling logic fixes to avoid awkward loops.

-Hydroponics fixed again.

Social Media

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