Dev update 1-25-20

Welcome to the development update for January 25, 2020. We’re excited to be putting out the pre-orders for the game starting next week, January 28th.

 Please enjoy our updates from the last 2 weeks.


We put out significant quality of life changes to our free demo, including infinite block stacks and one block ledge grabbing. There’s also some UI changes and menu music in place.

Please download the demo again to experience these features.

World Generation

More complex generation is in progress. Different types of biomes and advanced structures are being talked about. Many of the developments are frameworks that can be used modularly and applied to future biomes to make development faster and easier. Ore distribution is more sensible and thoroughly developed. Chunk packages delivery from server -> client is improved and will help speed up loading and information relay to players.


Certain NPCs may float in water now, and more advanced species appropriate AI behaviors are being worked on, such as deciding if they even want to be in the water.


You can now hoard treasures like a space dragon in organized, and tactful, storage options with a proper UI.

Main Menu

A proper options menu is in the works, featuring all the wonderful settings you expect, as well as a world selection menu.


We’re pleased to announce a partnership with Creeperhost to handle dedicated servers and web hosting,


We keep finding ways to make them even nicer.

Extra Changes

-AI character footsteps.

-Early game survival crafting item plans in progress.

-Ships are getting there, but no spoilers until the pre-order!

-We have girders, a staple of professional construction.

-Raincoat fashion show happened, isn’t it stunning?