Dev Update 1-30-21

Welcome colonists, to your dev update for January 30th, 2021. We have some important but small updates for game quality.


Add a bit of humanity to your NPCs by asking them directly how they’re doing. You could check a colony menu, but it’s nice to get a personal touch sometimes.

Are you cold?


Lost? Try a waypoint home. Eventually they’ll be prettier and will help you organize exploration and colonies.

Where will you go?

Extra Changes

-Hover over tooltips will automatically adjust to stay on screen if they would extend off it.

Game Testers

We are still interested in gaining testers, to try out early versions of the game before a public release. If interested, please apply here.

Social Media

Can’t get enough Outworlder? Itching for the next colony? Try one of our communities and social media platforms!




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Hope you brought a friend for your colonial stay