Dev Update 10-3-20

Welcome colonists, to your dev update for October 3rd, 2020. We’ve been having significant growth on Outworlder.

User Interface

NPCs can now properly craft items and more than one order can be processed at once. Items can be crafted into a storage container, or draw from a storage to craft.


You’re going to need food, and sometimes you won’t be able to pick it outside. You’ll need to power and support them, but they can provide opportunity for food on the most remote colonies. We’ve got growth and production in place to fill your colonists’ stomachs. Eventually colonists can be assigned to manage farming without your direct attention.


We’ve been working on temperature effects on the player, starting with freezing effects. Temperature can be tied to the time of day now. Temperature is also affected by proximity to heat sources, which can be edited by source.

Extra Changes

-New server commands to spawn items, enemies, or NPCs

-Creature AI updates

Social Media

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