Dev Update 10-31-20

Welcome colonists, to your dev update for October 31th, 2020. We hope you enjoy our spookiest, most NPC filled update yet.


There’s now proper clothing settings to offer temperature protection. We’re also playing with freezing times to make it a real threat to your character.


They have some squad functions in place now, such as readying weapons when their leader does. They’ll even defend you to the death from wild boars!

NPCs have some basic logic in place to detect temperature and make choices to handle it. Right now it’s simplified to seeking out a heat source when they’re too cold.

While you may want them to work indefinitely, colonists eventually tire out and will seek out sleeping. Better have enough beds or they’ll pass out wherever.

Food is essential, and they’ll seek that out too.

They can detect which workspaces have an order they can complete. Eventually they’ll be able to prioritize their and a colony’s needs to complete work more efficiently.

We’ve added a tiny ‘working’ indicator to NPCs to show they’re busy.

Progress on a trading menu for NPCs is also ongoing.

Extra Changes

-New fire

-Day/night cycle adjusted and customizable.

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