Dev update 12-28-19

Welcome to the development update for December 28 2019, the last update of the year and decade. As we move into 2020, Outworlder will carry us as a great way to start the decade. It’s an extremely exciting time for us and we hope everyone has a great new decade.

Here are our major updates for the last 2 weeks.

User Interface

Several systems are in the works. Health is a big one being worked on, and there will be various forms of injuries and factors that impact it. For example, freezing/cold or injuries will reduce total viable health until those problems are solved.

Ammo is planned to operate on two systems. There’s a standard ammo bar, and a bolt bar to show each cycle of firing and re-setting. This will be most noticeable and useful for weaponry that fires relatively slow so you have an idea of when you can shoot. Different visual styles per item are intended as a long term goal for how item “ammo” appears (especially if that item isn’t strictly a weapon).

Title Screen

We’ve got a pretty solid form for how the main menu will appear. Really gives us a solid first impression.

Server Tools

Basic functions such as chat capabilities, usernames on PCs, and server admin tools like kicking/banning are being set up.


We’re getting survival equipment and basic structures setup. The intention is to have a front to the tent that obscures it until you’re inside of it. Collision on top is also in process. 


Chests will now populate the world and sync properly.


Putting on and loading in outfits for characters should no longer slow down the game. Due to multithreading the process, and incrementally loading in outfits when a player enters a server it will be much faster. There should be no slowdown for existing players, and the time before a new PC goes from a shadowy figure to a clothed entity is barely noticeable.  

As a fun extra, we have a lab coat now.

Extra Fixes

-Characters will not slide off edges anymore

-IK target dots removed

-Glowing ore blocks work properly