Dev update 2-1-20

Welcome to the dev update for February 1 2020. We’ve got some exciting user interface work this time, and some animations to show off.

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Please enjoy our updates from the last week.


Everyone needs to know what the buttons do to make the things go, so why play the guessing game? We have a controls menu to tell you all about the major highlights. Controls are going to be mapped to F1 by default to keep things simple and accessible.


Health as a functional feature is being solidified. We’re designing creatures health to all be from 0-1 and then using what is essentially armorclass to dictate how hard they end up being to kill. Something we’re doing to really help out modders is keeping health as an object instead of a hard-coded state, allowing modders to make changes simply and easily.

Food now heals the player.


Generating planets is getting sorted out really well now. The basic functions give us a lot of options and the ability to rapidly develop new biomes and areas to explore.

We’re also getting some trees out into the world. Plant life is going to be pretty special. Plants will realistically overlap each other and feel natural, and we might even get some root structures going so plants don’t just float in reality attached to one block.


What space colony wouldn’t have guns to shoot giant bugs with? We’ve got you covered, and are developing the animations and options to make it work. Also look forward to potential alternate firing modes. Why limit to just semi-auto when you can do that and full auto guns? Or even charge some energy weapons.


The team is making a serious push to get crafting up and running. Some basic decisions have been decided; crafting will be instant with no wait. There will eventually be options to use different materials to develop the same conceptual item.

Here’s an early look at how the crafting window will appear.


Employee Characters

Due to significant work from the artists on the team, especially Cicadas, the dev team have nifty Outworlder stylized avatars.

Extra Changes

-Lights will properly place behind the player instead of floating between you and the walls.

-Grappling hooks? Vines? Ropes? They’re coming.

-Game for Linux runs servers headless.

-New creatures being thrown in, any guesses on what these are?

-New outfits too! Igloofashion show in progress.

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