Dev Update 2-15-20

Welcome colonists, to your dev update for February 15, 2020.

The dev team has been working through a great deal of complicated coding to get the basics of the game working well.

Please enjoy our updates from the last week.


You’re not alone… other life forms are appearing all over the planet. Some are invasive species we brought, but there appear to be some unrecorded species out there. Basic animal generation in the world will give you the test subjects you need for your weaponry.

There are also a few extra forms of terrain being plopped into the worlds, like gravel.


You’ll have some extra options to take down aliens with now. Unfortunately for poultry, we’re testing it on them.

Just like your Earth weaponry, guns will have different recoil and behaviors depending on their type. Maybe a SMG is more your liking for colonial use?


You’ll be able to craft tools and objects out of different materials. Now you can make a torch out of wood, stone, and other resources. No more being locked to one type of recipe. Adding to this process is designed to be extremely simple and modders will be able to change recipes within seconds.

Extra stuff

-You make sounds when you eat, try not to annoy other colonists in the cafeteria.  

-Chickens can die; run little guys!

-Gravel generated naturally

-Tiny code bits included to help prevent modders from making little mistakes

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