Dev Update 2-22-20

Welcome colonists, to your dev update for February 22, 2020.

We hope you liked biology, because we’ve got some new plants and aliens to deliver.

Please enjoy our updates from the last week.

Flipping the Creative Switch

No more infinite blocks for you, we’ve made a major coding switch to move the game to survival mode. Now you’ll need to watch out at night and take care where you step. Good thing we’ve loaded up a bunch of weapons for you as well.

Server admins will retain a set of commands to change how the game functions in a world.


Chests are back, again! And other forms of loot containers. Contents can be changed through NBT which will make modding functionality simpler.

Alien plants have been spotted. Quite a few new plants have been added, and divided into species blocks to give you varied life while avoiding excessive randomness. Modders will appreciate this organized resource design.


I hope you’re on the lookout for your new friend. Who knows what trouble it’ll get into?


We can’t spoil too much, but many recipes and crafting changes have been implemented. To help speed up crafting, especially for major builds, options for high quantity crafting are now available.

You’ll also be able to enjoy the comfort of some new accessories for your home.


You might want to carry some ear protection too, reverb sounds will show you why shooting in enclosed spaces is dangerous. Also enjoy the sound of bullets hitting walls.

Extra Changes

-Obscure issue where first shot sounds wouldn’t play sometimes is gone

-Master audio slider changes audio as a percent now

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