Dev Update 2-29-20

Welcome colonists, to your dev update for February 29, 2020. I don’t think another dev update will ever release on a leap day.

This has been the Great Bug Week, the team is working to get you a playable game within the next few weeks.

Please enjoy our updates from the last week.

Personal lighting

Ever feel like you’re flailing around in the dark? We’ve implemented personal lighting solutions to help scare away creatures from the closet to the deepest caves. Now you will have a tiny emergency light anywhere.

Audio Design

Your world sounds a lot nicer now. We’ve added better sounds and ambient noises to the world, including sound design specific to caves or underwater. A bunch of sound fixes have also been implemented.

Time for a swim?


Not sure where you’re aiming? New to the colonies and skipped weapons training? Fear not, our new targeting reticle will help streamline your alien shooting process.

Looks like this colonist couldn’t make it


Just a few new additions hanging out.

Extra Changes

-Starting inventory changes include a free weapon with every crash landing.

-Boars won’t damage you from far away as if they’ve developed ranged attacks.

-Stickler enemy finds something else to do if it loses track of the player.

-Plants break if you break their supporting block.

-Chat prompts you to check control menu when you start a game.

-Modders will be able to override existing colors and define new colors for biomes and other references. Eventually these can be divided into domains ie “mod: stone”

-Death screen appears in front of everything else, instead of behind it.

-Item pickup delay removed.

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