Dev Update 2-8-20

Welcome colonists, to your dev update for February 8 2020. We have some guns and health systems to show off today.

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Please enjoy our updates from the last week.


Your guns are being manufactured, and come with lots of pretty features. Our handcrafted weapons won’t swamp you in procedurally generated waste. Bullet casings will litter the floor. Muzzles flash and will eventually light up a bit of the area. We’re also working out sound design and producing sounds for weaponry.

On a more technical level, weaponry is working how you’d expect now. We have fire rate levels and projectiles come from the weapon correctly. Animating gun reloading is being handled to streamline new weaponry by defining reload coordinates on a weapon and how to interact with its clip, as opposed to custom animation. This will help modders who want to produce new weapons not need to reinvent animations constantly.

Bullets spit off little particles from the object they hit.

Also checkout this cool add-on for your mechs.


Beyond just getting hurt, you can run into some extra afflictions in your travels. Boars will make you bleed sometimes, and you’ll need to get a bandage or hope it stops itself. You’ll want to pack a winter coat or risk frostbite. If you’re not suffering from anything, you’ll naturally recover some of your health over time.  


Colonists die. You might have the unfortunate fate of bugs eating you, or fall down a really big pit and not agree with the ground. Now you’ll clearly know when you’ve met your untimely colonial end.


On the frontier, you’ll get to feel the thrill of the hunt. Small time game might just fit in your pack, but go for some big targets and you’ll need to haul that home somehow. Other colonists will help get large amounts of food home to butcher.

Extra Changes

-The crafting menu has a few minor changes from the version we brought you last.

-Living entities flash red when taking damage.

-Mouse accuracy improved.

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