Dev Update 3-13-21

Welcome colonists, to your dev update for March 13, 2021. Much of our focus is on ensuring the game is stable, especially multiplayer.  

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The Beast

New alien life detected


You’re now able to personally craft some items at various crafting stations yourself, while also having the option to assign colonists to do this. This should increase your options and avoid getting into inescapable failure if you killed off all your colonists.

Crash pod

You went on a nice space trip. You messed it up. Now you’ve crashed. Please enjoy your complementary pickax with one of the game start options.


The music system was completely redesigned, which in the least complicated way means we have a lot more options and it will sound much better.

Extra changes

-Many bug fixes

-Fixed various issues with corpses teleporting and acting up while being carried. We’re not that kind of game

-Glass panels work correctly now and are craftable

-Day length increased from 4 minutes to 18 minutes

-Fixed the dead silence of night that was intended to have ambient noises

-Lighting fixes and changed to illuminate caves better

-New assets: various gems, ores, campfire

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