Dev Update 3-21-20

Welcome colonists, to your dev update for March 21, 2020.

We’re here to bring you some new sounds, new ideas, and new visuals.

Please enjoy our updates from the last two weeks.


You’re going to like these improvements, life in the colony is starting to feel like a real ecosystem. Creatures will react more noticeably to being shot at, and have a better detection setup to react to you. These basic functions will build into more complex environmental interactions in the future.

New Objects

Inevitably, a few ships are going to crash and burn. Hopefully that’s not you. Take advantage of their misfortune and loot their wreckage!

A few bigger versions of space junk in process. And you might be excited about the potential for space hydroponics. You have to grow food somewhere, and not every planet is a fertile garden.

Tile Changes

The tops of blocks are now flatter, making ground objects more visible and obvious.

New Background

Why have one when you can have more?

New Tracks from Crystan

We’d like to thank Crystan for all his hard work as the sound and music artist of Outworlder. Over the last two decades he created and worked on several mods for games including Skyrim and Starbound, and helped develop a few free games. He also knows his way around C# and has roughly 10 years of experience with Unity3D.

You can check out more of his works through:

Twitter: @SenCrystan

Soundcloud: @crystan-seaage

Isn’t it a wonderful day for exploration?

Be careful at night though!

You can follow our Soundcloud to stay up to date with game soundtracks. @outworldergame

Extra Changes

-Unity updated.

-Options menu unloads properly.

-Mouse precision improved in menus.

-Added a few hit sparks.

-Turret has a little target acquired noise.

-Some rogue chunk loading has been curtailed and will waste fewer resources.  

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