Dev Update 3-27-21

Welcome colonists, to your dev update for March 27, 2021. Enjoy some major new additions to the game!

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New weapons

We’ve added a selection of new handgun based weaponry, with more to come, for all your sidearm needs.

New Creatures

What’s an alien world without alien friends? We have more creatures on the way.

Worldgen Changes

We’ve changed world generation significantly, and added new biomes. Caves have changed to mostly be skinny, lengthy patterns of barely open spaces. We’ve restored the glowing mushrooms to the world. There’s also other new regions to explore. Wonder what all that goo is?

Extra Changes

-New hunger and time graphics

-Fall damage applies even if ledge grabbing out of a fall

-Edited some events for multiplayer modes to happen symmetrically across playing field

-NPC changes, including spawning with random weapons and items

-Fixed issue with items not being colorized

-Various music playing fixes, and added periods of silence from music.

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