Dev Update 3-7-20

Welcome colonists, to your dev update for March 7 2020.

You’re extremely close to being able to launch your first colony and get your feet dirty.

Please enjoy our updates from the last week.

Home Defense

Can’t always be home to watch your crops? Tired of boars chomping your space corn? We have you covered with a fresh new line of turrets

User Interface

All crash survival kits include a free basic survival list to help you not die too fast. You’ll also appreciate a simple indicator of how much time you have to night.

New Objects

It’s about time you left the plains. How about a nice forest hike? The nice modular design will help modders adapt and create their own life in the future.

You might even find some left behind storage from another colonist.

Excess Creature Bug

Issue with excessive chunk loading and NPCs over-spawning has been identified and worked on. Creature spawning behavior limited to not overwhelm servers with thousands of chickens. This was related to unloading animals not mattering for spawns, and then loading a chunk that contained far too many animals in its unloaded state all at once. Extremely far off entities from any player or anything supposed to be loading chunks are also intentionally frozen now to free up resources.

Extra Changes

-Night-time music; it’s a scary place out there.

-You can fall through platforms consistently now.

-Server list oriented correctly.

-More dangerous versions of some creatures produced.

-Block destruction occasionally failing is fixed.

-Many creature hitbox changes so tiny animals will fall through holes and not cartoon walk right through the air.

-Chunk 0,0 unloads now.

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