Dev Update 4-11-20

Welcome colonists, to your dev update for April 11, 2020.

We’ve been making progress on NPC interactions, and have some Igloosoft staff updates.

Please enjoy our updates from the last two weeks.


Your colonists will be integral to establishing and running a successful colony. It wouldn’t be much of one with just you. We’re building the menus that allow you to interact with your colonists directly.

Please enjoy these very early versions of what an NPC menu may look like.

Igloosoft Coder Changes

We’d like to thank Ferreusveritas and Cprice for all their hard work building the foundation of Outworlder. They have to depart from the project due to personal reasons, but remain supporters and friends, and you may see them around the community.

Two of our staff, Crystan and Hooligan, have taken on coding roles in addition to their existing work. You know Crystan as our sound designer and Hooligan as one of our web developers. We’re excited to see what they develop in their new roles. 

We’re also happy to announce two additional staff on the team. We welcome Kiwibonga as a new lead dev and Solatrus as a coder. Kiwibonga brings a wealth of experience from his time as a RimWorld developer. Please feel free to welcome them if you see them in the community.

Dev Philosophy

We wanted to let you know a little bit about how we’re designing the game. At Igloosoft we’re dedicated to using new development methodologies. These practices and framework will allow us to develop new features faster, and allow modders easier development with more possibilities.  

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