Dev Update 5-23-20

Welcome colonists, to your dev update for May 23, 2020.

Better bring your popcorn, because we have plenty of video content to show off this week.

Please enjoy your update from the last two weeks.


Ever worried that your shoddy colony made ammo isn’t enough? Now different bullet shells can work for a weapon, allowing for eventual different ammo types.


Specific doors can have their own sounds now, separate from other doors. For a fun experience, think about how different doors sound next time you’re out.

We also have a gun to show off. The pump shotgun got some love.


Is that another player? No, it’s an NPC! It’s still early, but they’re starting to come to life out here. They’ll perform basic moves now, and some follow commands. Check out their ledge grabbing skills. And enjoy a behind the scenes of their pathing targets and how AI logic works.

Uh oh, looks like there’s a whole swarm of them

Extra Changes

-Save handling works

-Saving and creating worlds works in an early form

-Main menu conditions set so it works as expected  

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