Dev Update 8-22-20

Welcome colonists, to your dev update for August 22, 2020.


What’s that rumbling? It’s no longer just the underground bug colonies, now it comes from within! We’re getting hunger in line and deciding how to apply it to gameplay, potentially making it impact health regen instead of strictly killing you to not have food. We’re also implementing hunger into the UI, but current appearances are a placeholder. And items can be assigned their own “calorie” value, per say.


We have some powerful weapons, better be careful you don’t shatter your shoulder.  


Got a fast alien? Try shooting it with bigger bullets to keep it away. For modders, it’ll be built in to play with these numbers per weapon easily.

Item/Block Placements

We’ve put a lot of work into keeping placement appropriate.

-Placing objects in the background, vs on floors, or walls, works better than before. Objects appropriately are taken down when their supporting blocks are removed.

-Torches properly bind to background or floor and are taken off appropriately when mining relevant blocks.

-Stairs and platforms interact and place better, automatically creating correct arrangements.

-Large objects don’t override each other or other blocks anymore.

Extra Changes

-Fixed an issue with the death screen appearing.

-Bed spawn points fixed.

-Main list of gun variables for editing made.


It’s lit

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