Dev Update 9-19-20

Welcome colonists, to your dev update for September 19th, 2020.

User Interface

We’ve made more improvements to the design of your future interface, and added work on NPC interfaces for crafting or ordering.

We’ve added UI effects. Health has a draining graphic and there’s a new shot counter to show when a weapon can fire again.

Building Functions

Object placement previews will make building much easier and clear.

Plants are placeable again. Also fixed a fun issue where breaking one plant would destroy an entire row of crops.

Objects can be properly flipped horizontally.


Remember all those vague variables we added? Check out the kind of trouble can cause. Bullet drop, multiple projectiles, and more fun.

Sometimes unexpected results happen, but nothing’s a bug if we make it a feature. Indirect fired weaponry will allow for interesting combat solutions and NPC support in the future.

Extra Changes

-Hide entire UI debug function added

-NPCs have early professions and criteria for their outfits and mannerisms

-Early cooking/food system in planning

-Missing item icons added

-Light offset bug fixed: light now goes in all directions equally unless intended otherwise. This also fixed an issue with how many blocks deep light would penetrate.

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