How’s it Going?

Pretty well! We uncovered a whole ton of bugs that we were able to fix before sending a demo out to investors who might be helping us set up a pre-order. It really helped us a lot and has put us in a great place to begin developing survival mode ahead of schedule. Ahead of schedule? In this day and age of Early Access?! Knock on wood!

We reached my target for a feature-complete creative mode by the end of 2019. Currently we have that – we’ve tested MP and it’s stable up to 30-ish players (though to be honest, the upper limits are still unknown), the only things left are quality-of-life fixes and redoing some of the stuff we had to duct tape in order to get the demo together on time.

I have everyone taking a break for a week or so because they need it, but after those are taken care of we’ll be able to move onto survival mode and gameplay loops proper.