Outworlder PreAlpha2

Welcome to the near-release version of Outworlder! Please enjoy our ongoing demo build during the Steam Next festival!



  • Adjusted timings to increase number of colonist spawns at the beginning of the game, generally more frequent events and raids as soon as you have 3 colonists or more
  • Updated Starting Kit to contain a revolver with ammo instead of a pickaxe and default outfit


  • Fixed issue with the colony alerts for hypothermia that could cause a sudden framerate drop
  • Fixed issue that caused colony alerts and individual player alerts for hypothermia and hunger to hide each other
  • Fixed issue that caused colony alerts to stop sliding to the correct position
  • Disabled Warehouse test building

PreAlpha2 Patch 1

  • Fixed issue that could cause some facilities’ UI to become unresponsive after resuming a game from a save

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