Outworlder PreAlpha2 Patch 2a-c

Welcome Colonists!

We have substantial fixes and changes that have been greatly requested by our community today!

PreAlpha2 Patch 2a


  • Doubled the horizontal size of the world to 4000 world units
  • Waypoints to other players now show the distance in a tooltip
  • Chair flipping is now allowed
  • Increased grenade damage but lowered damage over range
  • Protected unbreakable blocks against dynamite mining
  • Improved positioning of setpiece markers on minimap and ensured debug-teleporting to a surface setpiece spawns you somewhere on the surface
  • Updated surface setpieces again. Temporarily removed Hut and Ruined Tower. Added Shelter.
  • Added a more powerful debug button to toggle the UI camera and hide all UI/text (when the Esc and Tab menus are not open)


  • Fixed issue that caused the “Cold” notification to tick on and off repeatedly when one of your colonists is downed
  • Fixed icons for certain items and ores looking “thick”
  • Fixed long-standing bug that caused clicking with the selection cursor in multiplayer to use the last item in the hotbar
  • Fixed a bug with certain armors that could cause damage stacking issues when equipped/unequipped
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed recharging the rocket boots in midair by re-equipping them quickly
  • Fixed issue that caused chefs and other axe-wielding NPCs to just stand there when attacked.

PreAlpha2 Patch 2b


  • Added automatic saving every 5 minutes


  • Reduced heavy CPU usage that could result from off-screen world regions loading and unloading rapidly by keeping them alive a bit longer
  • Improved performance by caching the result of frequent IO calls
  • Improved performance of the terrain lighting
  • Fixed issue that caused NPCs to get stuck if they decided to go to sleep while standing on a platform block
  • Fixed a long standing bug where Smelter and other facilities that can have materials potentially hauled to them could cause all colony crafting/hauling orders to halt

PreAlpha2 Patch 2c

  • Hotfix for saving issue introduced in last patch. Clear your save folders!
  • F10 hotkey allows you to force saving the world


Did you make it this far? We have an ongoing contest over at our Discord server to build a birthday party! The winner will get a copy of Outworlder for themselves or a friend courtesy of one of our community volunteers!

Enter fast, the contest ends when the Steam Next Fest ends!

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