Outworlder PreAlpha2 Preview1l

Colonists, please enjoy this L update and enjoy some impending exciting news!

Outworlder PreAlpha2-Preview1l


  • Updated Warehouse setpiece
  • Lockboxes now take 3 minutes to unlock
  • Adjusted Blizzard timings so a blizzard will last 30 s to 4 min max.
  • Prevented a Blizzard from being immediately followed by another Blizzard
  • NPCs can now use axes and all types of pickaxes for melee combat
  • NPCs now have a simple fight-or-flight response to combat; they will run away if they have very low health but not their opponent, or if their opponent has a firearm and they don’t, or if they’re completely unarmed
  • NPCs will now open doors during combat and while fleeing
  • Updated smelter sounds, tuned volume
  • Railgun has an updated projectile and an updated sound
  • Default volume for Music and Ambience lowered slightly


  • Fixed several issues related to lockboxes unlocking and syncing in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a repeating exception when a lockbox is added to the world, causing a steady framerate drop as more lockboxes generate
  • Fixed issue with certain heavy laser projectiles not showing in multiplayer
  • Fixed issue that caused the current weather and Blizzard countdown not to be seen when a client joins mid-event
  • Fixed issue that could cause a stuck Blizzard to block all other events, such as colonist spawns, from occurring
  • Fixed “Waiting for area to load” still showing up for a long time after you first reconnect to an online game
  • Fixed issue that could caused toppled plants to get launched into the air
  • Fixed block-break animation issue that would cause you not to see destruction animations when blocks are destroyed by other clients
  • Fixed issue with colony spawn point not “sticking” after resuming a game in The Mode
  • Fixed issue that would cause the spawn point item not to be awarded to the first member of a faction
  • Fixed issue that would cause new members of a faction not to respawn at the colony spawn point
  • Fixed NPCs being given the wrong tier of equipment on some setpieces
  • Fixed some laser weapon projectiles failing to display when shot by a NPC

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