Outworlder PreAlpha2-Preview1m

Colonists, thank you for continuing on our journey. We can’t wait until you can try our new visual systems in game!


  • Enabled HDR rendering and added bloom effect, small light shafts on miner’s hat and flashlight, emissive materials for lasers, explosions and impact particles, glowing eyes for Beast and Bat, adaptive light influence based on overall sunlight exposure
  • Weapons now reload automatically when you try to fire them empty
  • Lockboxes now show on the minimap when they’re being unlocked, along with alert messages
  • Update prototype Grenade / Sticky Grenade items, added C4 and dynamite to destroy/mine respectively


  • Fixed issue that caused research related to mysteries (copper, etc) sometimes not saving properly and blocking progression
  • Fixed issue that could cause raider outposts to encroach on the player spawn in single player
  • Fixed issue that could cause NPCs to flee from you after they get recruited

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