Outworlder PreAlpha2-Preview1n

Colonists, we hope you’re looking forward to the Demoworlder tomorrow


  • Gliese Mushroom now glows in the dark (even more noticeably)
  • Added “Mineshaft” (T2) and “Maze” (T3) underground setpiece types
  • New persistent alerts in sidebar replace “Need Food/Need Beds”
  • Colonists and teammates are now visible thanks to screen edge indicators
  • The supporting blocks on Lockboxes can no longer be damaged, preventing them from opening ‘for free’
  • World seed in setup dialog now randomizes automatically
  • Added metal trapdoor, fixed trapdoor placement for players
  • Added screenshake to gunshots, explosions, drop pod crashes
  • The host can now kick players from the Overview menu
  • Items will no longer follow you if you walk by them with your inventory full
  • Updated Vendor Stall to Vendor Bot


  • Fix several ore item drops still using old textures
  • Fixed balance on explosive strengths and damage
  • Fixed temperature caps based on altitude
  • Fixed trash not emptying when player respawns

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