Outworlder PreAlpha3 Preview 1a

Take a look at our new survival options. You may also enjoy the updated graphics, full screen rework, and server functions!


  • New Main Menu graphics
  • New Resolution setting in Options menu; full screen will use a letterbox effect and magnify to preserve the aspect ratio of the game and keep the pixels sharp (base resolution = 640×360)
  • New handling of Blizzard: no longer gives rads, lasts longer, reduces temperature significantly above ground and reduces effect of heat sources, though nearby background blocks reduce its effect somewhat.
  • Colonists and players can now once again die from cold/frostbite
  • New craftable melee weapon: Survival knife
  • Butchering changes: You may now butcher corpses on the ground using melee weapons (use the knife for higher yield) and butchering is now available to the player as a crafting option
  • Humanoid AI improvements: “Return fire” will be slightly more responsive; colonists can now detect if a humanoid or creature is targeting them and respond immediately. They will also respond to squad members getting attacked and rush in to defend the leader if they’re not busy.
  • Factions are now delineated at the block-level instead of 8×8 areas. You can now place platforms to scale an enemy outpost or escape a pit dug down by an enemy faction.
  • Introduced shock absorption that reduces knockback depending on the entity. Beasts and predators will barely budge when shot, while small birds and critters will be ejected with force.
  • Maze now has regular techmetal instead of impassable techmetal
  • Only one keycard vendor will be generated per map, usually near the middle
  • Improved pickaxe impact particles; reduced bloom on ejected metal, show impact sparks only if the material is stone or metal, ensure impact sparks gives off light as well, prevent excessive flickering when mining.
  • The host can now Kick/Ban users from the Overview screen
  • New sprites for grenade and other throwable objects
  • Increased amount of potatoes found in the wild
  • Removed firearms from initial drop pods
  • Added some tutorial text to Buddy about potatoes
  • Added more explosives in chests found in the wild
  • Updated Unity from version 2019.3.24f1 to 2020.3.20f1 to support some of the more complex UI compositing operations.


  • Fixed timing issue that could cause alert notifications to cycle and beep repeatedly for users running the game at 144 FPS
  • Fixed issue that caused unarmed NPCs to run away from all creatures, even harmless ones
  • Fixed issue that caused NPCs to sometimes fail to drop their target and follow it forever, even after it’s long gone
  • Ensure fleeing characters stop fleeing after they’ve gotten far enough away from the threat
  • Ensure characters don’t immediately re-engage with targets they just dropped due to a combat mishap
  • Fixed issue that caused creature combat exceptions to apply backwards – should now properly reduce likelihood that Hydroid will turn areas of the map upside down if not provoked
  • Fixed issue related to the vendor setpiece causing hangs when opening the minimap
  • Fixed bats not finding their way out of the world and remaining active in the sky/draining resources when they’re supposed to leave in the morning.
  • Fixed hunger and warmth alerts popping up when the player dies
  • Fixed issue with pixel magnification applying differently to the world camera and the UI.
  • Applied tentative fix for certain butchering issues (NPC won’t stop butchering, etc)
  • Fixed issue that caused black squares to appear briefly when mining coal
  • Fixed issue that caused certain yellow/orange explosions to glow blue
  • Fixed issue that would cause world generation issues after resuming a game if you did not change the random seed provided when you opened the New Game dialog.

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