Outworlder PreAlpha3 Preview 2a

Welcome Colonists!

It’s been a few weeks since an update, but we think you’ll be happy with the new colonist order options. Try see how far you can push your colonists before the game gives up!


  • You can now issue orders to your colonists by designating certain blocks and units with the selection tool. The orders are: Mine, Hunt, Harvest, Repair (Repair not functional yet). Click the selection arrow icon next to the hotbar to access these options. (WIP)
  • Mining requires a pickaxe, Harvesting requires an axe, and Hunting requires a ranged weapon for flying creatures, or a melee weapon otherwise.
  • Outpost buildings that automatically mark nearby blocks/units/items for harvesting/hunting/gathering are also available. (WIP)
  • Added Credits screen to main menu [Partly filled out]
  • Playtime is now recorded with saves and displayed at the load screen
  • Lighting can be toggled off in the debug menu to force all terrain and objects to be fully lit; also greatly reduces CPU usage
  • Melee weapons now have smear graphics when swung + new impact sounds across the board
  • Updated SMG/Rifle reload animation
  • Dropped backpacks now stay in the world 10 minutes instead of 5.
  • Fixed issue that caused the minimap to lag when zooming out
  • Slightly improved performance when spawning outposts to reduce small pauses when traveling
  • Adjusted spawns to reduce wildlife population slightly; Hydroid is now more rare
  • Reloading now consumes ammo when the reload action completes
  • Landing pads now return the pad and materials from the current construction phase when removed.
  • New construction borders and coloration changes: red means inactive, green means a colonist is assigned to that site.
  • Handcraft now enables Control / Alt key modifiers to make x 5 and x 10 of the selected recipe at once.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause region-loading chain reactions when stalactites and stalagmites encroach on neighboring regions
  • Fixed beam weapons are to take friendly fire into account properly
  • Improved weapon sounds (beam weapons, lightning gun, melee sounds, shotgun slide and reload)
  • Fixed an issue that would cause melee weapons to continually have their damage turned on after a swing was interrupted.
  • Fixed weapon alignment so that the muzzle points towards the crosshair
  • Fixed looped weapon sounds so they’ll stop when ammo runs empty
  • Fixed issue that would cause NPCs to continue crafting when interrupted by combat
  • Fixed issue that would cause waypoint markers not to disappear when a player leaves your faction
  • Fixed plant toppling sounds playing even if the plant is destroyed without toppling over
  • Fixed issue that caused hang on load if a hydroponics table had a growing crop
  • Fixed issue that would cause hydroponics entities to have the wrong faction
  • Fixed pixel scaling issue on mouse cursor in gun mode.
  • Fixed shop UI buildout issue that prevented them from being usable.

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