Playtest Recap Versions Alpha1-Preview10f-12g

Hello colonists! This is a wrapup post of everything that happened during the remainder of the pre-alpha 1 version! We’re very sorry we neglected our own site during that incredible time but are catching up now.

Outworlder Alpha1-Preview10f

  • Updated Main Menu navigation
  • Added public server browser when you click Join Game
  • Updated notification icons for clarity, thanks Neon, Zlodo, Ammypendent. Manero and many others for suggesting we change these.
  • Added alerts to signal missing beds, food, essential buildings
  • New ledge climb animation for humanoids
  • Auto-vaulting when holding up while walking against 1 block high obstacle
  • Added Privacy and Port setting to server hosting settings
  • Dedicated server now accepts -port and -privacy (Public/Private) as arguments
  • Quick fix on critters, especially birds, to be less likely to get stuck in 1×1 holes
  • Fix layering issue with sleeping players rendering in front of moving players
  • Updated Unity version
  • Fix issue where Hard Mode would never complete loading. Thanks Valtonen13, Silvergallium, Rand, RubyFlareon and others for reporting this.
  • Buddie no longer exists; Buddy is now the only one.
  • Fix issue that caused research progress to still get wiped. A lot of people reported this, if it’s still happening please let us know 🙂
  • Fix issue that caused “1111” to appear when you move a grabbed item around
  • Misc sound fixes
  • Hydroid now has a ranged block telekinesis attack.
  • Birds no longer have VTOL.
  • Fixed issue that allowed characters to keep aiming the weapon barrel at targets while sleeping
  • Fixed issue that prevented medkits from clearing afflictions or reviving players in multiplayer
  • New audio for: eating sounds, drinking sounds, alien egg hatch, pump-action shotgun fire
  • Steel Truss, Pickaxe, Wood/Iron Platform can now only be crafted by NPCs at the toolbench
  • Pipes, Road Flare, Wrench are no longer craftable
  • Torch is now only craftable from the player inventory
  • Iron Ingot removed

Outworlder Alpha1-Preview10g

  • Mimic Larva creature is now spawned from Alien Egg
  • The goose has been dummied off of herd charts, the daytime spawner, and removed from /spawnmob. No more honk for now.
  • Mimic Larva and Predator now create gibs on death.
  • Improved Hydroid projectile; uses block graphics instead of item icon
  • Tweaked Hydroid movement; now stays closer to the ground
  • Hydroid now shows a reticle when it’s about to lift a block via telekinesis
  • Added Debug Console — view with F8 and press Export to save a timestamped log to the game folder (useful when running multiple instances)
  • Medkit/bandage can now be used on colonists or other players by targeting them with the mouse and clicking; they no longer have to be downed and player no longer has to crouch
  • Added medical item use animation
  • Fixed issue that could prevent medkit from reviving a downed player in multiplayer
  • Medical items now have a range check
  • NPCs now use their carried medical items on themselves if necessary
  • Dedicated server now connects to Iglooverse anonymously so server owner doesn’t need to have Steam running. Games hosted from the main menu still use Steam auth.
  • Server control widget at bottom right now allows you to soft-reset the server
  • Added “Restart Server After X Minutes” setting in multiplayer
  • Added ability to copy, paste or type in the world seed in the lobby/game setup dialog
  • Adjusted weapon damage balance for all pistols, SMGs, rifles and shotguns
  • Fixed issue that could cause you to not see some projectiles when far from the player who shot them
  • Flamethrower, RPG and other discrete projectile-based weapons now work coherently over the network
  • NPCs no longer spawn with profession Administrator (that’s reserved for Buddy)
  • Fixed issue with NPC pathing which could cause poor performance when a squad member is near you but can’t reach you

Outworlder Alpha1-Preview10h

  • New lobby music
  • Fixed long standing issue that caused ever-increasing CPU usage in multiplayer (client + server) due to connections not closing properly
  • Fixed issue that would cause dedicated server to drop from the public server list after a while. Thanks RubyFlareon, Hebedebe for letting us know it still wasn’t working.

Outworlder Alpha1-Preview10i 

  • Beginning of new drops/materials/recipes for the sludge biome and egg caves (Acid, Acid Crystals, Plastic, Rubber, Hydrocarbons, Tar, Batteries, Fuel, Chemistry Lab, Refinery, misc Laser Weapons)
  • Fix several outfits incorrectly allowing stack sizes greater than 1
  • Added drops for Hydroid, Mimic Larva, and various plants
  • Fix same recipe showing up multiple times if multiple research items can unlock it
  • Reduce camera jerkiness while vaulting/ledge climbing (not final, will be made smoother)
  • Fix nametag offset being inconsistent when a character crouches/slides
  • Chest lock button is now functional; NPCs will no longer grab items from locked chests
  • Chest UI now has tooltips
  • Added Sticky Grenade prototype to Debug
  • Fix medical items not curing bleeding properly, which was causing health to continue depleting forever
  • Improvements to SMG and RPG reload animations
  • Fixed hydroid sounds, added new sounds – thanks Greenking2000
  • New button click sound for main menu
  • Rebalanced firearm damage and creature HP
  • Added new muzzle flash effects to weapons
  • Added flesh collision sounds
  • Updated flamethrower graphics, animation and added reload sounds
  • Hostile Raid event has been reintroduced (enemies don’t raid properly yet and don’t have a strategy for attacking structures — they sit slightly outside your base and shoot you on sight)
  • Fix issue that caused death notifications for NPCs that aren’t in your colony
  • “Return Fire Only” mode is now partially functional; enemies can trigger a hostile response from your NPCs if they harm you or a member of your squad
  • NPCs will now honor their targeting behavior (Hold fire, Return Fire, Hunt Wildlife, etc) and attack relevant targets even when not in a squad
  • Game now recognizes whether the player is in a combat situation and plays the appropriate music (when in a biome where combat music is defined, which is not the case for all of them at the moment)
  • Fix multiple AI logic issues caused by characters continuing to track enemies after defeating them
  • When following another humanoid that’s ledge-grabbing, NPCs will now target the ledge being grabbed for pathing, not the block where the humanoid’s legs are hanging
  • Fix NPCs jumping over you and overshooting instead of doing a simple pullup when trying to join you on a short platform
  • Clear up some unused/old entries from the debug menu
  • Add “Force Raid” to debug menu
  • Jump is now the same height whether you have a running start or not; should make it easier for NPCs to match your movements when climbing
  • Fix carry icon for Kitchen looking gigantic

Outworlder Alpha1-Preview10j

  • Improve Squad/Colony display in multiplayer so unloaded NPCs don’t disappear when they go out of range
  • Fix issue that caused player/NPC health to deplete slowly over time with no possible recourse – Thanks to a ton of people who noticed this issue
  • Aggressive creatures will now attack other creatures
  • Fix issue that caused mystery research to disappear when the game was reloaded, preventing further research progress – thanks to another block of people who reported this!
  • Fix issue that caused friendly and hostile spawn events near the player to generally fail, causing NPCs to only appear very rarely in the wild
  • Increase beast jump to allow exiting holes up to 2 blocks high
  • Fix issue in multiplayer that caused flipped furniture to be placed unflipped, and stairs to be placed as platforms – thanks Pronaxes, Scry, Wicstar, and others.

Outworlder Alpha1-Preview11a


  • Overhauled world generation to distribute loot and ore more evenly; natural ores are now different based on depth.
  • Landing Pad now allows you to have your colonists build the shuttle to escape the planet (or be greeted with a Coming Soon screen; you’ll just have to find out which one it is)
  • Random mobs now spawn on a per-biome basis.
  • Walking on or mining ore will now use the StoneBase sound effects.
  • Rare ores and gemstones are now considerably harder to find. Certain ores will only spawn at depth.
  • Mining tiers implemented, which will prevent players from mining outside of their tech range. You are allowed to mine ore a tier above your current pickaxe, albeit slowly.
  • All music tracks now have an in-combat variant
  • NPCs will now get materials from the closest eligible chest instead of any eligible chest
  • VSync is now enabled (will be made available as a setting soon)
  • Tab menu now offers an overview tab that serves as an online player list with a simple minimap. Note: Not all tab buttons at the top are functional yet.
  • Debug menu now also shown in Tab menu (its future home)
  • Humanoid NPCs now miss and shoot in flurries spaced out by delays; they’ll miss more against human players than other NPCs.
  • Force scientist, engineer and armorer to spawn first, and increase probability of those 3 professions spawning until there’s at least 1 in each active player colony.
  • Raid NPCs will now run towards your colony by picking a moving target from your colonists. Known issue: Raiders may get stuck with nothing to do if the target dies. They will stay near the colony until death.
  • Increased smoothness of physics updates and added damping to camera movement to reduce scrolling jitter
  • NPCs now vault over 1-block high obstacles while pathing


  • Fix phantom tooltips sometimes showing when an inventory window closes while a tooltip is appearing
  • Fix weapon muzzle flash showing when dropping a hauled item while a weapon is selected
  • Update Beast and Predator hitboxes to reduce snagging and getting trapped
  • Fix issue that could cause creatures to get stuck charging towards position 0,0
  • Fix game settings (world seed, etc) getting reset on resume
  • Fix damage effects for creatures not showing on clients
  • Tweaks to crashed droppod generation; won’t sink into the ground as deeply anymore
  • Fix issue that could cause trees and plants not to get cleared properly when a drop pod crash uproots them
  • Fix issue that could cause dropped items to sink into the ground when restoring a saved game
  • Fix issue that caused NPCs to jump in place after climbing a ledge
  • Fix “Get all weapons” debug command to give you a random sampling of weapons instead of filling your inventory
  • Fix “Need food” being reported even when you have enough food, due to facility storage not being counted
  • Fix wires not being craftable

Outworlder Alpha1-Preview11b


  • Chatbox text fade delay lowered from 30s to 10s
  • New asset for construction crane/landing pad
  • Updated pulse rifle sounds, animation & balance
  • Added flamethrower hit effect
  • Slime footstep volume lowered
  • Starter Pickaxe item renamed to Iron Pickaxe
  • Player can now craft the slightly stronger Steel Pickaxe


  • Underground setpieces will no longer appear on the surface.
  • Reduced performance stutters caused by new world gen when running around the map
  • Fixed material list calculations not refreshing in facility UI when performing certain actions
  • Fixed dropped items no longer showing in world in multiplayer
  • Fixed issue causing spam of Can’t Build Here messages when placement fails repeatedly in the same way when an entity is obstructing
  • Fixed issue that allowed players to place blocks while hauling a corpse
  • Fixed issue that could cause flickering of the pickaxe after respawning
  • Fixed issue that could cause an error during shutdown and fail to save the world
  • Fixed issue that caused NPCs not to start crafting jobs if they don’t have enough materials to fully fill an order that could be filled partially
  • Fixed food storage in facilities not being taken account for “Need food” message
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a player to get stuck holding a corpse in multiplayer
  • Experimental fix for a communication issue that may be causing players with non-English Windows versions to be unable to host games

Outworlder Alpha1-Preview11c


  • Night time now plunges the world into pitch darkness from 6PM to 6AM
  • Activity of surface wildlife at nighttime has been increased and will slowly ramp up over the first 3 nights after crash landing
  • Added fireflies at night
  • Added “toast” notifications at nightfall and daybreak (toast being the term for a small, short lasting message)
  • Balance changes: Tree wood yield and animal meat yield lowered. Facilities and furniture now cost more. Drop pods no longer give you iron ore. Coal is now more expensive to make at a campfire.
  • Add tabs to facility menu to select between handcrafting and adding work orders
  • Fixed an issue that caused NPCs’ stamina to deplete when they were in a squad for a long time
  • Research item for the pneumatic drill will now unlock after Power Generation
  • Dedicated server config file (server.cfg) now supports adding steam IDs to a list called VerifiedAdmins to automatically grant host privileges to users when they connect
  • Update title screen to make port forwarding requirement clearer
  • Fatigue display on the colonist list tooltips should now be more accurate
  • Pickaxe now sparks when you mine ore or gems.


  • Fixed a bug related to showing a preview ghost for non-placeable items such as ore.
  • Fixed noon displaying as 12 AM in weather/time tooltip
  • Fixed incorrect value shown for “seconds until night” in time tooltip
  • Fixed error that prevented server from resetting and saving progress properly
  • Fixed error that would cause a hang when trying to start a new game after returning to the main menu
  • Fixed issue that would cause sounds to be loaded and stay allocated on Server
  • Fixed NPC and player overlays getting hidden behind terrain
  • Fixed NPCs racing to the same bed by making them reserve the bed first
  • Fixed some instances of work order material lists not updating on client when viewing the facility menu
  • Melee weapons now inflict the correct damage type under the hood (blunt force, slashing, etc)
  • Fixed issue that would cause resources like sounds and block graphics not to clean up properly on server reset
  • Fixed issue that prevented the Reset Server button from working properly when hosting a game from the client. The button will fully clear the game world and restart with the same settings.
  • Fixed resource cleanup issue that would cause server memory usage to balloon over time
  • Fixed issue with character dialog that could result in the same message being repeated with different wording
  • Fixed issue with Buddy giving his intro dialog later in the game
  • Fixed issue that prevented the client from detecting an abrupt connection close and falling back to the main menu
  • Fixed several issues related to large feature generation and placement, like allowing set pieces to overlap slightly
  • Miscellaneous fixes to creature AI targeting and movement; should result in fewer incidents where creatures remain stuck/immobile for extended periods of time
  • Improved gliding on flying critters that used to plummet to the ground
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Ammo Manufacturing to show up as a glitched research item that disappears in multiplayer (researching copper ore is sufficient)

Outworlder Alpha1-Preview11d

Hotfix for server crashes

Outworlder Alpha1-Preview11e


  • Reduced number of outfits available to players and NPCs when they spawn
  • Research bench stack limited to 1
  • Removed colored glass until it can be reintroduced with a more flexible crafting/tinting UI
  • Reduced range of pistol and shotgun bullets to give them more of an arc
  • Added sounds for eggs (idle/activation)
  • Flying critters will now coast after their flight state, instead of randomly skydiving
  • Game will now skip the lobby when connecting to a game that already started
  • Ammo Manufacturing unlocks automatically after researching copper


  • Fix another memory leak causing server memory usage to balloon; and a new uptime record!
  • Fixed recipes printing “Black Glass” as the ingredient instead of just Glass
  • Fixed issue that would cause researchers to jitter after completing work
  • Fixed an issue with world generation resulting in far too many setpieces, sometimes with several of the same setpieces on the same chunk
  • Fixed mining spark missing a sound
  • Fixed non-moving maggots
  • Fixed server player count not updating in the public server browser
  • Fixed issue that could cause NPCs to flicker when you removed their bed while they were sleeping
  • Fixed issue with Mysteries not completing when reloading a save
  • Fixed the command line arguments not allowing spaces in dedicated server names (-name command line parameter)
  • Fixed hostile humanoid raids not triggering in multiplayer games
  • NPCs no longer pop up and down when their bed is removed while sleeping

Outworlder Alpha1-Preview12a


  • Iron ore spawn amount has been reduced by 33%-50%
  • Added AI Director to manage the randomization of events such as raids and new colonists
  • Treasure chests will be more frequent underground
  • Game executable now has an icon
  • Reduced footstep sound volume for non-players
  • NPCs/raiders will now spawn with fewer random items and fewer shotguns
  • Improved notifications to show more evocative messages when research happens
  • Tab key now cycles through the different tabs in the Inventory menu, which can now also be accessed with the Function keys. You must now press Esc to close the inventory.
  • New graphics for pickaxe, cooking pot (still unused!)
  • All research items now take longer to complete, and all NPC professions can now do research. Scientists get a 10x research boost.
  • M60 is now the first heavy weapon you unlock through research (replaces flamethrower)
  • Hunting rifle is now the first rifle you unlock through research (replaces m1 carbine)
  • Enabled multithreading on 2D physics
  • Added some sparks when you mine gems and ore (WIP!)
  • Graphical improvement: Bullets will now only have streaks if they’re actually traveling fast
  • Knockback from melee and bullet damage has been reenabled; creatures will be slightly bouncy for a short time after death. Effect may be slightly exaggerated.
  • Improved generation of underground caves to better distribute chests
  • Drill now has melee damage
  • Additional sound channel settings for block hit and break
  • Certain plants now drop seeds that can be planted in dirt to grow food
  • Added crafting category tabs to facility and handcraft menus
  • Increased limit for night mobs near player colonies; first night: 20, second night: 30, third night: 40


  • Fixed preview graphic on torch and campfire
  • Fixed an issue that could cause weirdness when a player disconnects while leading a squad
  • Fixed an issue that could cause corpses to teleport when you try to put them down in multiplayer
  • Fixed graphical issues that could occur when another player picks up a corpse and walks into your screen
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to get stuck if the corpse they’re hauling is destroyed
  • Decoupled fatigue (need for sleep) from stamina (energy/effort) so NPCs don’t suddenly fall asleep in the middle of intense physical exertion
  • Fixed issue that caused your colonists to continue attacking a NPC if you recruited that NPC during combat
  • Fixed issue that could cause lighting effects to be offset to the right by 1 tile.
  • Reduced the performance impact of having a lot of containers, NPCs and hauling jobs
  • Fixed issue with landing pad / shuttle construction causing sudden high CPU usage
  • Fixed issue that could cause unusable items to get dropped after destroying a looted humanoid corpse
  • Adjusted engine timings to reduce the likelihood that the dedicated server will experience a self-sustaining “death spiral” if FPS drops drastically below a certain threshold
  • Fixed server-side issue that could prevent some players from hosting if they had IPv6 enabled or connected through an IPv6-enabled device
  • Fixed server-side issue that could cause some players to see a “Could not create session” error if their Steam name contained unusual unicode characters
  • Fixed issue that sometimes caused the wrong count to be displayed above your character when picking up a stack that needs to be split to be stored
  • Fixed issue that caused Hydroid’s red reticles to remain stuck on blocks forever
  • Fixed issue that allowed Hydroid’s telekinetic projectiles to remain active forever, even if they fell out of the active play area, causing a lot of unnecessary loading
  • Fixed issue that could cause Hydroid’s telekinetic projectiles to shoot at extremely high speeds
  • Fixed issue that caused NPCs to jump in place or stand immobile after pulling themselves up from a ledge while pathing
  • Fixed character running in the opposite direction when the first step in a new path requires vaulting over a single block high ledge
  • Fixed issue that could cause herds of animals to bunch up and remain stuck in the area just outside the player’s vision range
  • Fixed issue that could cause night mobs to become scarce after a while due to stuck herds counting towards the limit

Outworlder Alpha1-Preview12b

Hotfix for various multiplayer issues that could prevent players from joining an online game

Outworlder Alpha1-Preview12c


  • You can now throw corpses and items with Q (Use E to drop instead)
  • Disabled ledge grabbing while reloading
  • Allow NPC haulers to ledge grab so they don’t fall down gaps


  • Fixed certain sprite alignment issues when butchering and reloading are interrupted
  • Fixed an issue that prevented NPCs from seeing nearby animal carcasses
  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple Kitchens to share the same animal carcass when butchering
  • Fixed an issue that could cause all work bills for all facilities to break down and stop being fulfilled if more than one Kitchen was built and a specific set of conditions were met
  • Fixed an issue that could cause NPCs to get stuck ledge climbing
  • Fixed an issue that prevented containers from keeping their contents in multiplayer
  • Fixed pistol recipe showing Old Shotgun
  • Fixed firearm knockback throwing enemies in the wrong direction
  • Fixed creatures sinking through the floor on spawn

Outworlder Alpha1-Preview12d


  • The cold has been re-enabled; remember to make campfires!
  • Added “Fuzzy” selection to make it easier to select entities like players and creatures
  • Added Buddy Teleporter as an Alpha-only item
  • Added a trash slot to the player inventory
  • Added pages in Debug Menu item spawner; pressing Enter spawns the first item in the list
  • Mining reticle now bobs when you hit the block with the pickaxe
  • Show the word “(Empty)” when hovering over an empty container with the mouse
  • Disabled experimental multithreading for 2D physics; saw some performance degradation in practice


  • Reduced likelihood that pickaxe and drill will inflict many hits in a small timeframe and cause an insta-kill
  • Fixed issue that showed “player connected” messages for everyone already in the server when you connect
  • Fixed issue that caused certain online players not to appear in the player list
  • Fixed issue that could cause dead NPCs and dead player bodies to respawn at the world origin when the game resumes from a save
  • Fixed issue that could cause the area where a player died to remain loaded even after all other players have left the area
  • Fixed issue that could cause outdated data to be applied to a NPC when they come into view
  • Fixed issue that could cause players to fail to spawn after connecting if the world data snapshot reaches a certain size on the server.
  • Fixed creatures’ tendency to bunch up along vertical and horizontal areas near colonies. Creatures can now keep the world loaded around them for a time instead of unloading at a fixed distance from the closest player.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause certain multiblocks to disappear if they were sitting on a boundary between two chunks and the loading order caused the block’s stability check to fail.
  • Fixed shell casings ejecting continually from thin air at a fixed point in the world if another player goes out of range while shooting a gun.
  • Fixed issue that caused shuttle construction site to leave an outline when destroyed or deconstructed
  • Fixed issue that caused colonists to overfill the shuttle construction site as long as you have ingredients available
  • Fixed issue that could cause NPCs to remain stuck with the caption “Sleeping” when too hungry or cold to go to sleep or perform other duties

Outworlder Alpha1-Preview12e


  • Ladder prototype is now available as a debug item
  • Facilities, furniture and other background objects can now be placed behind players
  • Trees are now dynamically generated with different growth stages and can have objects in the blank space under their foliage
  • Trees and plants now have dedicated animation and sound for chopping
  • Reduced spamming of hurt sounds when a living entity is hit multiple times in quick succession
  • Adjusted height of beds and toolbench
  • Added unstretched icons for many guns that were missing one
  • Forestry Research is now a requirement to be able to plant trees from seeds
  • Updated block break sounds
  • Added brief screen fade when respawning
  • Added armor stats and reserving multiple equipment slots: flak armor has actual armor and resistance values now, and is broken into chest, helm, and leggings


  • Fixed issue that caused torches to briefly show up as campfires for a splitsecond after placement in multiplayer
  • Fixed issue that could cause chunk loading issues when respawning or teleporting
  • Fixed issue that could cause objects thrown with Q to fall straight down to the floor
  • Improved Scenario Director to issue a fixed number of events per day and to generate slightly different events during the day and night
  • Fixed issue that prevented the Hostile Creatures event from being generated properly, and diversified it so it generates other mobs besides ‘beast’
  • Fixed issue that caused the pickaxe to hit enemies many times per swing, causing massive damage
  • Fixed an issue that could cause scenario settings such as the world seed to get reset after reloading a save, causing out-of-place sheer cliffs to appear

Outworlder Alpha1-Preview12f

  • Fixed issue that caused client player inventories to be erased upon reconnecting to a server
  • Fixed issue that caused a ‘ghost shuttle’ to spawn next to the landing pad
  • Added Rotate / Reload to the Controls screen

Outworlder Alpha1-Preview12g

Fixed issue with the event manager not working, which caused events like colonists spawning to fail