Point of Interest Contest Results


Congratulations to our participants in the 2nd community building contest!

Entrants were tasked with building an interesting location to explore in game, with the potential for NPCs and rewards to be included.

5th Place: Sicsec with 6.73 points

Sicsec produced a well built up base with an interesting underground entry system. The biggest complaints center around the base being too advanced for an early point of interest, and capable of holding too extensive of a raider force.

4th Place: ShakoCross with 6.89 points

People enjoyed the ruined appearance and potential for implied story with the build. The build seems to have lost points with people due to the underground area being too protected and clean.

3rd Place: Acerspacer with 6.90 points

Acer presented this really neat tower. People commented that a tower base makes perfect sense, but unfortunately the design wouldn’t be NPC friendly.

2nd Place: Pixelflame with 7.08 points

The concept resonated with voters, especially given its consistency with our spacefaring setting. It may have scored lower because a few voters didn’t realize it was specifically a crashed ship and thought it was a bunker, but those voters still enjoyed the build!

1st Place: Campaigner with 7.21 points!

Campaigner stole the show with his dilapidated home with the signs of nature retaking the space. The community definitely enjoyed the decay and the addition of the tree in the middle. It really helps tell a story about the space.

Campaigner will get a custom contest winner role in our Discord!

We will be in touch with any entrants we hope to use the design of in game.

Thank you to everyone who voted and entered.