Pre-order news

Hi everyone!

I bring news about the state of the upcoming pre-order.

As promised, the Creative Mode was completed by the end of 2019 and tentatively released as an early gift to our supporters on our Official Discord. Fan reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and makes us optimistic for the public release and pre-order.

Creative Mode will be made publicly available for free download at the same time as the pre-order for , which is slated for mid-January. It is intended as a tech demo to 1) Illustrate the capabilities of the team and engine and 2) Provide a foundation to build Survival Mode from.

Work has already begun on Survival Mode and pre-ordering the game will grant immediate access to it and future versions of the game as soon as it’s ready. The first Survival Mode Alpha is planned to release almost immediately after the pre-order launches.

What is included in Creative Mode:

  • Multiplayer and dedicated server support
  • Building
  • Day/night cycle
  • All of the tiles and objects currently in game
  • Full dynamic lighting
  • Current worldgen tech
  • It’s free!

It should be stressed that Creative is strictly that – there’s no combat or survival gameplay.

Survival Mode on the other hand, will be the full game as it’s meant to be played. It will have combat, base building, planetary travel, and everything you could ever want in a game of this genre.

With the launch of Creative, the hard part is over – we have the beginnings of a robust engine to build from and all of the boring work, so to speak, is over with. This early investment in time is already reaping huge rewards when it comes to developing Survival mode and the speed of which features can be implemented.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the pre-order and Survival release!